Due to Covid-19, this year we will only be hosting a one-day Rafting/Picnic with live entertainment provided by Nels Ross of "In Jest"      



                Mom & Me 2021 May 22nd, 2021


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We have blessings from God and our mission is to share those blessings with you.  




                This event is a chance for you Single Moms                                


                          To bond with your children
                          To build some lasting memories
                          To experience outdoor activities at minimal cost
                          To relax from a hectic life
                          To be encouraged for the future
            To know you are not alone in your struggles and someone cares!









      How did we get started?  




           This grassroots effort started In 2007 when Joan Anderson was working as a river guide at Adventure Calls Outfitters at Letchworth State Park. Being a single mom, and a river guide, Joan experienced the bonding opportunity all families had while taking a trip down the river. She was then inspired to "pass her blessings on" to other single moms and thus established the Mom and Me weekend retreat.    








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Adventure Calls Outfitters joined in with it's rafting facilities and was excited to "pass on their blessings" as well. They have donated rafting, and meals and river guides, and busing and so much more to this retreat over the past several years which are too numerous to mention.


                 For More Information:


                 Joan Anderson (716) 341-7657

















































































































































































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